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“No Signal” - Roku Premiere+ with Samsung Q80 4K TV

Please help with solution. Roku Premiere+ was working for months with my Samsung Q80 4K TV. No change to the setup. Then suddenly today, I’m getting a “No Signal” message on the TV after the Roku boots up. I can see the jumping Roku logo while booting but after it’s up and the main home screen comes up, TV suddenly switched to “No Signal” message. I switched HDMI cables, I switched HDMI ports, I unplugged the TV and the Roku, and I upgraded the firmware on the Roku and the TV. All does not work. Can someone help? All other devices (cable, blue ray, etc) all work. Thx for your help.
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Re: “No Signal” - Roku Premiere+ with Samsung Q80 4K TV

Settings/Network>> check connection and setup connection and about

Do you have a Router or just a cable Modem?

It is suggested to use a Public DNS server.

Do you have a blinking light on the Roku when this happens?

It sounds to me like theres a problem somewhere with your Network connection.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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