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No Picture No signal Help New

I am having an issue with no picture / no signal the steps I have already done to resolve the issue. I Selected the correct HDMI input tried different HDMI ports on tv also tried on another different tv, I have the device powered to the wall outlet with the Roku provided ac adapter also I took battery out of Roku remote and unplugged device waited 30sec then put the battery back in remote and plug the device back in still no picture the device has a solid white light on it. I also tried unplugging device replunging it back in and held the reset button on the device for 30sec at startup still no picture the device has a solid white on it with no picture on screen I would really appreciate some help I will provide info about device below thanks.

Model 3600x FCC ID : TC2-RCBB IC: 5959A-RCB8 
Product: ROKU streaming stick  
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