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No Atmos w/ Roku Ultra to Vizio Elevate soundbar

Please help! I recently purchased the new Roku Ultra. Model# 4800x. I hooked it up to a Vizio Elevate sound bar. I then hooked the sound bar to Vizio M65-F0 via ARC. I am receiving Dolby Digital picture, 4k and sometimes HDR. My problem is that I am not getting an Atmos signal from the Roku. Or my sound bar is not reading an Atmos signal from the Roku. Is there any particular settings that I may have set wrong for this to happen?

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Re: No Atmos w/ Roku Ultra to Vizio Elevate soundbar

I don't have those (I have a TCL R617 Roku TV and a 5.1.4 Vizio sound bar), and I haven't looked into the inputs on those, but can you plug the Roku device directly into the HDMI in on the sound bar, and use another HDMI going from HDMI out on the sound bar to the ARC on your TV?

Edit - Rereading what you wrote, it sounds as if that is what you did? Make sure your audio settings are set correctly on the Roku device. Also, from what I understand, you can get Atmos but you will get the lossy, DD+ version (which is fine, mind you). Make sure you go to settings, audio, S/PDIF and ARC, then select either auto detect or Dolby Digital Plus, DTS.

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Re: No Atmos w/ Roku Ultra to Vizio Elevate soundbar

What streaming service are you trying to get Atmos content with? Netflix, for example, won't work with a Roku, but Disney Plus will.

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