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No Atmos - Roku Ultra 2019 (4670x)

Atmos not working. 
I have a JBL 9.1 and plugging the Roku directly to the Atmos soundbar.  Atmos playback is not detected or working in any app. Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney +. 

Atmos does work with another streaming stick from a competitor. 

what gives?

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Re: No Atmos - Roku Ultra 2019 (4670x)

NetFlix Atmos is only supported in the recent 4800 (2020 Ultra).

For general Atmos support otherwise, check that:

Settings/Audio/HDMI= "Auto-detect" (highlight Auto-detect: if DD+ support isnt indicated you wont get Atmos passthrough)

Settings/Audio/Audio mode="Auto (DD+ etc)"  (if this isnt on auto with DD+ indicated, you wont get Atmos passthrough)

"Volume modes" are off/disabled (press options (*) during playback, disable/turn off all/any volume modes as these will disable multichannel output)

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