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Level 7

No 5.1 audio as 11.20.20

As of Friday November 20th, 2020 5.1 audio stopped working.  Have adjusted every setting and nothing.  On app I use to see 5.1 and or atmos logo.  Now nothing.  

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Level 10

Re: No 5.1 audio as 11.20.20

Factory reset your Roku device. Set it up as new.

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Level 20

Re: No 5.1 audio as 11.20.20

Not sure which model Roku you have, but you need to make sure:

1) Settings/Audio/HDMI="Auto detect" (or ="Auto passthrough" for the 4800), and

2) Settings/Audio/Audio mode="Auto (DD+ etc)"

Also, if you enabled any "volume modes" (leveling, night mode) this will disable 5.1 output - make sure you disable all "volume modes" to get 5.1 back.

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