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Newest Roku ultra box is slower than the previous model

First timer here since I never had the need to report anything with my Roku before but this one has me stumped:

I just bought the newest model of the Ultra 4k box from Roku to replace the older Ultra model because it supposedly has more audio codec supports, better wifi and a few other features that were interesting to me.

After replacing the old box with the new one, I immediately noticed a slower response in the menu compared to the original ultra model. It's not night and day but somewhat noticeable. However the real issue is streaming videos. I primarily use PLEX and I cannot direct stream any h.264 movies without extreme laggy video playback (direct play enabled). Once I switch to transcode mode it plays all videos just fine but of course it's not actually doing much since the server is taking care of all the work. I never had this issue with the old ultra box and I don't understand what the problem is. I can only guess that the latest firmware causes some sort issue because right after the initial setup it got an update. However this is just a guess.

The box is connected via ethernet cable and it's not a bandwidth issue (everything is played locally through my in-house switch and server). For testing purposes I plugged my old Roku back in and have no issues playing any Plex content directly. Anyone have any ideas or just wait for future updates and hope it gets resolved?

TV is setup via automatic selection (4k, no HDR, 60HZ, HDCP 2.2) and has a DENON receiver in between for Dolby surround support. Roku reports no errors in connection and shows everything green with full 4k support.

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Re: Newest Roku ultra box is slower than the previous model

Quick update:

I tested some more and to my surprise the Ultra has no problems direct streaming any h.265 movies in full 4k resolution.

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