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Level 7

New roku ultra stops every 15-20 minutes.

No matter what I am streaming (Netflix, Prime Video, YouTubeTV) the video stops every 10-15 minutes. The audio continues. I have then must pause, the start and it returns to the main screen. 
the device is plugged into an hdmi port in my receiver, power is direct...not usb. My roku a tick worked perfectly in this configuration...I only upgraded soI could also get Apple TV Plus. 

help please. . 

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Level 19

Re: New roku ultra stops every 15-20 minutes.

@Jerrybtx  Thanks for reaching out. If you're running into issues with playback, we'd recommend starting by troubleshooting the channel installations themselves. You can see steps for that here:

If that isn't helping, the next step would be to try connecting your device to a different HDMI port on your receiver. We'd also recommend trying to connect the device directly to your TV to see if the behavior continues. If not, this can indicate a compatibility issue with your receiver or it's current settings configuration. Related to this, we'd also recommend that you replace your HDMI cables used to connect both the device to your receiver, and the receiver to your TV. 4K capable devices require the use of newer HDCP 2.2 certified high-speed HDMI cables that offer faster data transfer rates in order to stream this quality of video. This can resolve these types of video/display issues in some cases. 

If that still isn't clearing things, up, the last step we'd suggest is a complete factory reset of the device. You can see steps for that here:

Keep us posted from there! 




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