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New refurbished Roku 4 won't display (except logo, briefly)


I'm back again. After 2 years of happily using Roku 4, decided to get another.

My history for using a Roku is repeating itself.
(See my previous posts from ~2yrs ago, where it took a many days and many of my hours of messing around before it finally worked)

I have plugged this unit into all of our TVs, all of which work flawlessly with our current Roku 4.
I've had some luck, as one time I got thru the Language prompt, and a few others.
Then it said it was loading my channels and it never came back. Waited hours.
We (only?) have 46 channels. No problems about too many channels on our original Roku 4 and a Roku XS.

Tried soft reset. Multiple times.
Tried hard reset for 20 secs, 30 secs, 40 secs, with and without pulling the power plug. Multiple times.

After the first 1,2 attempts in a 2-3 hour period, the screen never displays anything, but
on the first attempt of the day (and after long delays), I'll see the Roku logo appear and often flicker.
It will disappear for a second, then reappear, flicker even more, then disappear.
Immediate attempts to do a hard reset almost always mean a completely blank screen on later test.

On that topic, I have read about capacitance problems in HDMI cables. Is there a trick to drain that, so I don't have to wait.
Or is there no truth to that theory?
Of my approx 10 attempts to hard reset, I have had it twice get to the initial setup screens, but only once did I get to enter my link code.
Loading the channels after that crashed it.

I have seen the theory about wrong display is being detected, and have tried navigating blind to force a specific resolution.
2 times, that has given me hope also, but the display never stays active long enough to get continue. It goes black again.

Does anyone have any new ideas? I can still return the Roku 4 for refund and get an Ultra, but are these issues cleared up in the newer models?
As Roku seems to use the same OS on most/all models, I'm guessing it will be  a problem.

Like I say, I have 2 Roku products that do work on our 3 TVs, with the cables I am using for this setup procedure


Any ideas, incantations, etc are welcome and will be tried.


Neil M
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Re: New refurbished Roku 4 won't display (except logo, briefly)

Being a refurb take it back and try another one . It was returned for a reason . Better yet return it and get a new one .
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