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New Roku Express not working after one night, blinking white light issue.

Okay so I bought a new Roku Express last night to set up with the tv in my room. Everything came on fine last night, updated, and I even watched some YouTube and explored the adult swim app before I went to bed.

When I woke up this morning, there was no signal. I pressed the home button of my remote, and got no response from the system. I unplugged it to reboot it, and the blinking light (which I assume is because it can't connect to the internet?) Started to do the thing where it paused, blinked twice on loop. I checked all the cords, everything is still connected as it was last night. I also tried resetting it a few times after the blinking.


It may be an issue with my rig since my TV is legit straight outta 1997 and I'm using an HDMI to composite adapter with a 6ft long cable to get signal to the tv, but since it worked with no problems last night and all the cords and everything are brand new, and it's not the ports on the back of my TV because I can get my PS2 to still work perfectly fine with display/sound, I'm very confused as to what is going on with it.

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Re: New Roku Express not working after one night, blinking white light issue.

Your Roku is sending via the HDMI cable, which requires whatever is on the other end (the HDMI-composite adaptor in this case) to communicate its capabilities back to the signal originator (in this case, the Roku). In this way they negotiate the proper communication protocols to use. If no successful "handshake" occurs, no signal will be sent on.

I'd suggest you try varying the order in which you turn on or power up the various components. The likelihood is that the Roku should be turned on last, so that everything else down the line is ready to respond to the HDMI handshake protocols.

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