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Level 9

Netflix frame drops

When watching netflix I seem to be getting framerate drops (split second pauses) every now and then. Disney plus, amazon and apply tv does not have this issue. They are working perfectly fine. I have disabled frame rate matching on my roku stick.

Whats strange is that this only seems to affect content that is filmed in 24/25p, 30frames content is perfectly fine.


However these frame rates drops on Netflix are not like the 3:2 pull down you get when watching low frame rate content through 60hz display.


Has anyone been experience this?


I have tried resetting my roku stick, and re installing the Netflix channel. Nothing seems to be able to fix it. Hopefully the new Roku firmware 9.3 update will fix it. When it releases.

I'm using the roku streaming stick plus.


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Level 7

Re: Netflix frame drops

Same here.

Gave up with auto refresh rate as black screen delays are annoying when switching and lip sync went out the window on Prime?

Weird it’s only Netflix?

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