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NO SIGNAL after Roku image disappears

Setup Roku Premiere. Roku player starts and stays on for about one minute (if that) then crashes. It doesn't  matter which HDMI port I use, or what outlet it is plugged into. Crashes every single time. Can't get past this stage. HELP!!! Is this a bad unit, or something more sinister??

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Re: NO SIGNAL after Roku image disappears

If you see the Roku boot screen (the dancing letters) and then the screen goes dark, that's usually an HDMI handshake issue. The Roku may be trying to use a screen resolution the TV doesn't support because they aren't talking together like they should. So, what might cause that? A bad HDMI cable is the first suspect. Sometimes it's just dust/dirt that got into the port or cable end, but since you've tried different ports that's not the likely problem.

First try a different HDMI cable, and if it still isn't working try it on a different TV. If that fails, then yes the Roku may have itself failed. Not at all common, but it can happen.


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Re: NO SIGNAL after Roku image disappears

I'm having a similar problem with the Roku stick, 3600X.  When I turned on my tv, the stick did not boot.  I removed it, turned off the tv, turned it back on & installed the stick... nothing.  I pressed the "reset" button on the stick & did the above & I got to the home screen.  Clicked Hulu, it failed to load & the "no signal" message appeared again.  Tried the other hdmi port & it got to the dancing Roku, froze & then "no signal".  Tried my dvd player in both ports & it worked.  This stick is used in my tv & in the two & half years I've had it, it's been removed perhaps ten or fifteen times.

2 1/2 years is too short a time for a stick failure!


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