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I was hoping to get a little guidance from those on this forum.

I have 2 1080p capable TVs-Toshiba 32RV525RZ and a Samsung T240HD-both from 2009 and both do have HDMI. I can't get either one to recognize the Roku 2 XD via HDMI. Connecting via composite does work but has a crappy picture. I've changed setting on both the Roku and the televisions, swapped different cables and even did "Live Chat" with Roku CS. Nothing is working. All I get is "No Signal" via HDMI. The ports work (I've connected an Apple TV, PS3 and Macbook to every port) and all information I can get states that both sets are HDCP compatible. Am I missing a step? If not, would something like an HDFury solve the problem by letting me connect via component? I would appreciate anything you can tell me. Thx
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Looking at the specs for the 2 XD and your Toshiba set, I see the Toshiba only supports 1080p at 60 and 24 Hz. The 2 XD does not support 1080p/60, only 1080p/24 and /30. It should work at 720p, however. Your Samsung is a computer monitor, not a TV. From the specs, it doesn't seem to support any standard TV resolution. However, there does appear to be a "TV Mode" that has to be enabled to display broadcast TV (as it's labeled in the manual). Perhaps changing that setting will make the Samsung work.
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