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My PCM Setting disappeared

About 18 months ago, I bought a Toslink cable and hooked my LG Roku TV up to an older system I have that I play records through.   Had no issues.  Had to choose the PCM setting, but once I did that it worked perfect.

I ended up disconnecting it because my fiancee didn't like that the old stereo didn't have a remote so she had to get up and change the volume if necessary.   The problem is, the sound on this tv is terrible and I don't hear all that well to begin with.

So last night I tried to hook the toslink back up.  I went into my settings and under audio, there no longer was a PCM setting.  I will say that the sound would work when I was navigating menus (the clicking sound or whatever you want to call it) but anytime I tried to play any videos, it was just like bad interference and white noise coming through my speakers.   Any ideas?  

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Re: My PCM Setting disappeared

1) You didnt mention your model # or firmware version:   Settings/System/About

2) What is listed under Settings/Audio/HDMI (list all the settings available, or upload a screenshot)?

3) and listed under Settings/System/Audio mode (list all the settings available, or upload a screenshot)?

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