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Movies on usb drive. Audio used to play fine, now doesn't play at all on some movies.

I have a Roku Ultra and some movies played from a USB hard drive have no sound, while others on the same drive do.

The same movies had sound earlier this week, but as of this morning the audio no longer plays.

I have tried a number of trouble shooting suggestions on similar posts with no audio on other apps, but have not found anything that restores the audio for this particular issue that seems to be isolated to MP4 movies played off of a hard drive.

I have swapped out HDMI cables, switched the audio mode and HDMI settings back and forth, unplugged the Roku, factory reset it and the problem persists.

As I mentioned, the movies it affects were playing fine earlier in the week and I haven't made any hardware changes. The only thing I can think of is a wacky software update, but I'm not sure why that would only affect some movies and not others.

Another symptom, after playing a "no sound" movie, it seems that the menu sounds are also muted, however, if I play a movie that has sound or use another app where the audio works fine, the menu sounds come back.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Re: Movies on usb drive. Audio used to play fine, now doesn't play at all on some movies.


It was definitely the software update. I saw someone else's post about the recent update affecting audio and they were able to roll back the firmware to a previous version in a secret menu. I googled it and was able to do the same and the problem was resolved.