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Motion Smoothing - Soap Opera Effect on 4K+ Streaming Stick

I replaced a old Roku box with the 4K+ streaming stick and now everything broadcasts as if motion smoothing is on, giving the picture the dreaded soap opera effect. The TV is 4K UHD and the inputs are all 2.2 compatible. It does this on all apps. I have set the Roku display settings to both auto and the individual 4K options but it makes no difference. All motion settings in the TV are set to off and this only happens with the Roku stick, not the Amazon fire or regular cable viewing. Any ideas on what might be causing this or how to fix?

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Re: Motion Smoothing - Soap Opera Effect on 4K+ Streaming Stick

So I found the answer to this shortly after posting the question. All motion settings on my TV were turned off but when I used the Roku 4K+ streaming stick all video displayed with the soap opera effect. I would re-check the TV settings and they were all good. It turns out you need to check your TV settings while actually in the streaming mode. I opened a movie in Netflix and then checked my TV settings and motion settings had been changed to Auto. As soon as you get out of streaming the auto motion setting goes back to Off. This also happened when I tested the Netflix app on my smart TV. So it appears using Netflix and/or Roku would override my TV setting and then set it back to Off when going back to cable TV. So you need to change the motion settings to Off while using the streaming app and that should take care of it. I had a option to select All Sources when making the change so it carries this over to all devices and apps. You only have to do it once. If you don’t have a All Sources option you may have to do it for each device or app. But again, you only have to do it once. Hope this helps.

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Re: Motion Smoothing - Soap Opera Effect on 4K+ Streaming Stick

Thanks for this. Seriously though, what a bunch of a-holes. Don't override my tv settings.