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Level 7

Mirrorcasting Not Working

Recently having issues using the mirror cast, the computer says it is connected to the Roku TV but the Roku TV times out connecting to the computer. I have checked for updates on both the TV and Computer and both are up to date. Please advise. 
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Re: Mirrorcasting Not Working

I have tried several times to get Miracast working from Windows to Roku. I have never succeeded.
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Level 9

Re: Mirrorcasting Not Working

ANDROID TO Roku Miracast works, tested this on 3600 and 3800 sticks just today.  Even worked when there's no WIFI or internet.
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Level 7

Re: Mirrorcasting Not Working

The following worked for me:

1) identify the WiFi network the Windows 10 machine accesses
2) on the Roku, select Settings/Network/Set up connection
3) Choose Wireless, select the same WiFi network as in 1), and enter the access code for the network
4) now select Connect or Choose Wireless Display on the Windows machine

I obtained a solid connection
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