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Menu Screen zoomed in

I wasn’t sure if I should post this here in Roku community or get in contact with Sanyo. So I did both, anyways my problem is...

I have 32” Sanyo Roku TV and as of late I’ve noticed the menu and settings look zoomed in, like it’s in the wrong resolution. The icons for the channels use to be large now they’re medium sized. However, when you go left where you can check the settings the text is large and everything to the right is cut off and shrunk. 

So far, Netflix looks zoomed out (but that may be normal) and video plays fine. I haven’t checked any other channels as of right now.

The “My Feed” section is especially cut off as is “Streaming Channels” I cant scroll down in the System info either.

Other information that may be necessary:

Roku TV - 8618X

Sanyo Model - FW32R19F

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Level 7

Re: Menu Screen zoomed in

I've had the same issue when watching the Roku Channel, Hells Kitchen show. I have to back out and restart the show and it fixes it. Now, the show gets stuck on loading and randomly freezes on occasion. Really odd to be watching and a commercial will play and then the show starts back up and it's zoomed in. The zoomed in part only happens to me when the show resumes after a xommercial.

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