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Low tv speaker volume


Last couple of weeks my tv speaker volume dropped and sounds like a mono instead of stereo. Audio is set to 'auto-detect.' I used to use it at volume 15-20 and now its at 55-60 and as i mentioned, sounds of poor quality. Was working fine, I shut the tv off, came back a couple days later and it had changed to how it is now. Looking for some help. Thanks.

Brand: Insignia
Insignia Model: NS-32DR310CA17
serial number: 2N0078631856
Software version: 8.2.0 build 4170-20
Device ID:6UV737631856
Roku tv 5405x
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Re: Low tv speaker volume

I have a TCL TV that after the update to OS 8.2 began playing audio much lower on a volume setting number that was previously just fine. I did not have to raise the volume as high as you indicated in your post, but it did require a significant increase. One thing I did notice while trying different AUDIO settings from the OSD (On Screen Display) of the Roku OS is that when I first turn the TV on and begin watching a video stream the audio is always lower on the same number setting that I left it on before turning it off. If I select the Asterisk button on Roku remote and pull up the OSD and change the SOUND MODE from whatever setting it is on to something else (i.e. THEATER to NORMAL) and then back to THEATER, the audio volume will increase to an acceptable level, just as I left it when turning the TV off. This was not required prior to the 8.2 OS update. I know one of the features they are introducing is Volume Leveling. It appears as if the implementation is resetting the volume level every time I turn the TV off and switching the SOUND MODE via OSD seems to bring the volume back up to where I would like it the next time I turn on the TV. You might give that a try and see if you get the same behavior. It is not ideal, but one quick switch when I first turn on the TV seems to reset it and I don't have to chase much higher volume settings depending on the content being watched.
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Re: Low tv speaker volume

Now the audio settings constantly reset on my Sharp Roku TV. This is a new bug I hope Roku fixes. Almost every time I turn the tv on, the audio has reverted to a different setting, usually setting the dialog clarity to 'low'.
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