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Low power notice-no network connection-new device?

Yesterday, I was watching Youtube, using my Roku express, on my TV.  All of a sudden I got a low power message.  Since my device was already plugged into the wall, I used a different adaptor.  Now I can not connect to the internet.  Sometimes it says there is no network available and sometimes it says the signal is too weak.  It just refuses to connect at all. (I have good connections on all my other devices) I have been having problems for the last 6 months or so with my device dropping my internet connection in the middle of what I'm watching.  I am seriously considering just giving up and buying a new device.  Should I buy a new device or does someone have a magic fix?

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Re: Low power notice-no network connection-new device?

@Alicia  I hope you hear something. I'm going to subscribe to this post, because I'm having a similar problem.  However, I've already replaced my device AND my t.v. but I'm still getting the low power message. We bought the t.v. last night, and I got the low power message immediately after plugging in the device.  So I reset the power strip, the t.v., the Roku, and changed the power from an adapter to USB directly into the power strip.  It worked for a while, but my husband is getting the low power message again today.  

I'm seriously considering a different service. Smiley Sad

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Re: Low power notice-no network connection-new device?

I am having the same problem. I actually used a different Roku from our upstairs TV and plugged it into the same TV and it worked fine. It is definitely the Roku device. We haven’t had the device that long. Hope Roku support will respond.