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Low Power/No Network Connectivity

I have a Roku Express that doesn't get used very often, but we noticed about a month ago that the light on it goes between flashing white and flashing red.  We use the power supply that the Roku came with, so power should not be an issue, but it also cannot keep network connectivity.  I've tried using another cable and it didn't change anything.  I assume there's something wrong with the stick or power supply itself, but it doesn't appear that I can receive any sort of company customer assistance on the issue?  Anything left to try or is it just trash at this point?

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Level 18

Re: Low Power/No Network Connectivity

If its flashing Red it is a power problem.

Maybe it loses power for some reason sporadically.

Maybe the leads are bad or corroded. Who knows?.

Do you live in an area with high humidity?????

If its solid Red unplug it its overheating.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Re: Low Power/No Network Connectivity

I have the same problem with my Roku unit. Every time I turn on the TV, I get a "No Signal" message, yet the internet signal is strong on all of my devices. I have to unplug the Roku and plug it back in a couple of times before it will reset and make a connection. It is very frustrating. The Roku is also very warm, yet it has plenty of circulation around it. 


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