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Lost in space 1965 Series has gone missing getting 404 error

Lost in space 1965 Series has gone missing getting 404 error when trying to play open any page for it. also for some reason bing search engine is putting rebates into free web series from roku page when you search for roku lost in space it now tonight opens 404 page not found, early today it was working, was watching some season 2 episodes, I didn't even get to season 3 ones yet, anyway was good entertainment during these stay at home days because of that high rate of covid thing, and the fact they can't seem to get those 2 shots for it, for people younger than 40 or around that yet. anyway back to my topic whats going on with lost in space and roku webpage for it, again seems to be offline something like that or was it removed for some reason or another?? anyway I think Playback issues is that right location for this question.

also offtopic from this  noticed if you search amazon for blu ray I think they had remastered 
season 1 into color episodes I think but roku only had black and white versions of it, in any case was thinking of having my parents get me a blu ray copy at some point in the future or around next christmas.

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