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Lip Sync Issue

Hello All, 


I'm having an audio synch issue with Hulu Live and other apps on the Roku Express. The audio doesn't seem to match the lips of the people who are speaking. I tried restarting the device, unplugging the device, changing the wifi networks, deleting and downloading the apps, and so on. I did some research and even changed the audio settings on the device itself and the television. Anyone going through the same issues? Thanks!  

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Re: Lip Sync Issue

Yes I Have... Totally takes all the fun out if TV.. What I had to do was... Reset the Breaker for that outlet. This Reset the TV and the wifi and Cable box all at once. It still happens every 6 months or so. It worked for me.. Good Luck.

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Re: Lip Sync Issue

Creative solution, thanks for sharing it. It might be interesting next time, to just reset one at a time and see if you can narrow down which is the culprit.
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Re: Lip Sync Issue

My experience has been good, long periods since last time I encountered this.  But I have upgraded the Internet service.  For me it was making sure the Internet speed and wireless signal both need to be good to get the content from provider to your device, same for any device or PC.  

Check Internet and network 

- Settings -> Network -> check network (reconnects and updates the wireless connection)

- Make sure signal strength and Internet download speed both at least good



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