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Laggy and poor image quality following update?

Anyone else having issues with lag/buffering and poor image quality?

What I've started to see, specifically using Netflix is very poor image quality for the first 1-2 minutes of viewing. I'm also seeing the little loading icon for far longer.

Typically I see a short little flash of the loading icon counting up to 2-3% (maybe 2-3 seconds) then playback begins at normal quality.

As of the begining of the month  1/8/20 (9.3.0 Build 4170) I now see the loading icon slowly count up to 60-70% before playback commences. When playback does commence the image quality is very poor. Very blocky and choppy. That lasts for 2-3 minutes until it gradually becomes normal (or close to it) quality.

I've reset my router, turned both my Roku boxes on and off and the problem persists. Prior to the start of the month everything was pretty slick, with no issues. Have Netflix been having problems in the UK??

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Re: Laggy and poor image quality following update?

I've started having similar problems with Netflix on my Roku 3 (4200X) and Spectrum internet. 

It's worked fine for years with no problems, but recently it's started loading slowly and displaying in low res, then pausing to buffer again.  It only happens with Netflix - I can watch CBS, HBO, and Amazon on the same Roku with Spectrum internet and they all show up high res, no buffering problems.  I can also watch Netflix on my laptop on the same network path (switch, router, WAN) just fine when the Roku is struggling.  There are times when it works just fine and I can watch for several hours with no issues. 

I suspect that it's related to how the Netflix app deals with buffering when the connection gets laggy - I've gone to when I was having problems and done a speed check and the speed is always fine (200+ Mbps, generally with minimal other load), but the loaded ping can get as high as 250-300 ms.  When I speed check from the Roku I get 70-90 Mbps, and from inside netflix 20+Mbps.  I can also watch data rates on my router when it's loaded and I am getting the speeds advertised by Spectrum and ATT)

I have a slight advantage in debugging because I have a dual WAN setup, so I can force the Roku onto either WAN.  When I'm having problems with Netflix on Spectrum, I can switch it to ATT (1 Gbps) and it's just fine.  When I check the speed at, I get both high speed and low latency (<5 ms unloaded, less than 100 ms loaded, and during the test it bounces around <10 ms loaded). 

So it really seems like it's something in how the Netflix app is handling buffering in the Roku when the latency gets high, and other apps are handling it better.

Roku and Netflix versions are:

Roku software 9.3.0 build 4194-04,

Netflix shows: software version 049.30E04194A_4.2.98018037 netflix version: nrdapp 2015.1.1/nrdlib 2015.1.1/mdxlib 2015.1.1.mdxjs v4.9.24-1205/nrdjs v3.5.28, platform version: SDK: 4.2.3:c99e72f/platformBuildTime 1492624055/platformMasterBuildNum 0123456789)

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