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Kinda new Roku user - HDCP 2.2 tip

Cut the cord. Saved a pinch over $100 a month by losing cable TV. Bought a Streaming Stick+ first to see if we could "fill in" the channels we can't get OTA that we actually watched on cable (HGTV, DIY, Animal Planet, etc). PhiloTV to the rescue! 

Anyways, decided we liked it. Moved the Streaming Stick+ to the bedroom and bought an Ultra for the living room. It connects to a Samsung 4K. 
On setup I noticed it wasn't doing HDCP 2.2. I guess my "high speed" HDMI cable wasn't high speed enough. Bought a couple of new cables certified for the higher bandwidth and... recheck display... HDCP 2.2 achieved.
So... don't forget to make sure your cables are up to snuff. I'm hard wired ethernet and currently using TiVo to record OTA. Thinking seriously about switching to Tablo.

I had one question after install. Nothing big. It was about the "get YouTube TV free for a month" promo. Pleasantly surprised by the prompt attention of the customer service folks at Roku. Question answered and issue resolved within a day. I'm enjoying this Smiley Happy
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