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Keeps returning to Home screen

My Roku Express keeps returning to home screen within 5 minutes of streaming - on any app.  I have read the hundreds of posts about this and it appears "customer support" is either unwilling or unable to correct the issue.  Meanwhile, I'm spending money on apps I can't use because of the issue.  I have tried shutting the Roku off in system setting, by unplugging it, cleared cache with home/up/rewind/fast forward trick, etc. I need a fix ASAP.  This is beyond ridiculous.  I need support for the device immediately. 

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Re: Keeps returning to Home screen

If you are powering your Roku by plugging into the USB port on the TV, try powering from house power via the USB power adapter that came with the Roku. 

Many USB ports only supply 0.5 amp which is not enough to power a Roku reliably.  If you don't have the Roku adapter handy, any other you have from another device should work as long as it is functional and the fine print on it says it outputs at least 1 amp.

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