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Just bought a Roku Express and immediately got hit with a black screen :/

Just bought a Roku Express (3900 series)  from Best Buy yesterday and while setting everything up according to the instructions, by the time it turned it on the roku logo would bounce around for a few seconds and then i would be left with nothing a black screen. I can still hear the sounds when i press the buttons on my roku remote but visually theres nothing. I haven’t even gotten the chance to do my on-screen set-up and activation! I looked up various guides online as to how to deal with this issue and the following “tricks” did NOTHING to help me.

Switching my HDMI ports? Nothing. 

Unplugging the power cable and waiting 20 seconds before plugging it back in? Nothing.

Trying a different power outlet? Nothing.

Using a different usb power cable? Nothing. 

Changing my TV settings? Nothing. 

Hard software reset by pressing the small button on the back of the express streaming player with a toothpick? Nothing. 

The “home button 5 times, up button once, rewind twice, fast forward twice” trick? You guessed it. Nothing.

For context i only have one TV, and it is a 46” Samsung LCD series 5 with a busted remote. At this point i’m absolutely lost as to what to do now, and i’m hoping that by posting this message i can find some way to get in direct contact with customer service before having to return it. 

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Re: Just bought a Roku Express and immediately got hit with a black screen :/

You'll find dealing with Best Buy customer service infinitely easier than dealing with Roku support.

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