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Is my Roku4 dead!?

Hey All, 

So was watching some youtube this afternoon on my Roku4. Selected a clip and everything went to black. No response from the remote, so figured it locked up and just have to give it a restart. I unplugged it and had to run out for a bit. When i got back plugged it back it. Light on the front starts flashing, but no boot screen. Then the light just goes off. Strangely enough it sending a signal to the tv and is connecting to the internet. Light flashes when remote is pushed. Unplug it all and replug, same thing. Push the locator button just to see what happens, and it sent out a tracker signal to the remote. Tried different ports on the, nada. Different cables, nada. check to see if it wasn't the port by connecting a different device, no issues. Did a hard reset on the roku and no change other than it doesn't find the remote now. Needless to say, not particularly happy about this. So is their any other ways to try and fix this, or has my unit kicked the bucket and time to get a new one?

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