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Intermittent audio

I originally purchased a roku express about a year ago, that roku constantly had problems playing audio so I’d have to restart it everytime I switched shows or channels etc, then after a while it would say it was over heated and I’d have to completely unplugged it for a few hours to get it to work.  I tried it on various different newer TVs throughout the house- all had the same issues.  I figured I had a faulty roku. So I bought a second one, a roku express+ this time.  I’ve had this one for about 4 or 5 months and at first it worked perfectly, then around month 2 or 3 the audio problems started.  They were few and far between so it wasn’t a huge deal to me. Well now on month 5 or so and the audio problem happens anytime I go to the roku Home Screen, anytime I go to a different channel, anytime I switch shows, anytime a new episode starts, just so frustrating to have to constantly restart my roku.  I’ve tried changing the audio setting on the roku back and forth from DD, tried different TVs, tried different hdmi ports and cords, even tried switching out the roku power cord with a different one in case that was causing a over heating issue.  I’m at wits end trying to cook or clean without being able to play my sons cartoons.  I can’t afford another roku if they are all like this.  Any one else have this issue?

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Re: Intermittent audio

Yes I keep having audio problems and no Customer Service person to talk with.So frustrating 

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