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Input lag while using Roku Wireless Speakers (game mode enabled)

I have the TCL 65R625 and the Wireless Roku Speakers. I really love them both, but I've noticed recent that there's a slight input lag when gaming on my TV that goes away when I switch from wireless speakers to the built in speakers. Every other topic I've seen about this has been solved by Turing on Game Mode, but unfortunately that isn't the case here. Game Mode is on. The delay isn't nearly as bad as having game mode off, but it's still noticable. Any help would be much appreciated.

Based on some other topics I've seen, I'll provide some additional info:

TV has a wired internet connection. I'm using Google WiFi (mesh). I can't disable 2.4Ghz, but I unplugged 2 of the 3 access points closest to the TV and saw no change.

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