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Level 7

I have an odd feature happening

For the past couple of days I have been getting this icon in the upper right corner which shows the number 100 then goes to 70 and it keeps flashing either a megaphone or headsets as if it were connecting to headsets but I have an older model so mine doesn’t even have that feature. So while I am trying to watch TV the volume keeps going in and out b/c for some reason it’s connecting to a headset that i am not even trying to connect to and this model that I have once again doesn’t have this feature. It’s very aggravating b/c I have to shut al the way down to get rid of it but it comes back. This has NEVER happened before and just started a few days ago. I wish I could take a picture to show what’s happening. Does any one have any suggestions? If so please help!

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Level 21

Re: I have an odd feature happening

That's a strange one.  I realize your remote doesn't have a headphone jack, but does it happen if you take the batteries out of the remote?

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