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Hulu skipping and zooming in randomly while streaming

Whenever I stream a show on Hulu on my Roku Express, the show buffers and then skips ahead 10/15 seconds and is zoomed way in. I have restarted my Roku from the Systems screen, I have checked for updates, I have deleted and reinstalled the Hulu App and I have performed the factory reset. None of these solutions have worked. I do not have any issues with other apps (HBO or Disney+) and I don't have issues when I live stream TV through Hulu. Additionally, I do not have issues when I stream Hulu through other devices like my PS4. The issues only occur when I am streaming a previously aired show on Hulu through the Roku.


Please advise. Thanks

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Re: Hulu skipping and zooming in randomly while streaming

We have the similar problem where with anywhere from a minute to five minutes before the next commercial, the show stops and goes to commercial. Even though we go back after the commercial, the player does the same skip. On occassion this happens during commercials but honestly that doesn't trouble me...........we have the same difficulty with a variety of channels not just Hulu, but disney'. phone support which is a big disappointment! Hoping someone in the "Community" has gotten an answer to these concerns.



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