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Hulu CBS On Demand crashing my Roku

Is anyone else having issues with Hulu...specifically when watching CBS On Demand shows in Hulu?  My wife is watching "Mom" in Hulu, but the Roku freezes at the end when it tries to go to the next episode.  When we press the home button, the Roku completely freezes and then reboots itself (EVERY time...EVERY episode).  No other shows/services we have on our Roku do this.  We have multiple Roku devices and the issue is the same on each.  I have already tried removing Hulu and then adding it back to our streaming devices....but nothing has worked so far.

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Re: Hulu CBS On Demand crashing my Roku

I’m having the same issue while watching Last Man Standing which is a fox show. Have you also had problems with the sound having a crackle in it too?  I’ve also noticed that at times there’s too much bass in voices, even women’s. I was trying to watch hidden figures the other day on the fox channel and no ones voices sounded right 

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