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Hulu Black Screens and Skips Around

My family and I will be watching a show on Hulu on our Roku and when it comes back on after a comercial the screen goes black but the subtitles are still playing and then it will often jump to the middle of the show. We have tried everything we can think of to fix it. We have restarted the Roku, we have checked for updates for the Roku and Hulu, we have deleted and re-downloaded Hulu, we even tried the famous turn it off and on again, but nothing seems to help. I know that it's not an issue with Hulu because when I've watched it on my laptop there is no issues. Does anyone know what we could to do to try and fix the issue? Is it something as simple as just buying a new Roku?

Please help!

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Re: Hulu Black Screens and Skips Around

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Re: Hulu Black Screens and Skips Around

I just began to experience this problem also

Sadly, it begin after I just upgraded from Roku Express to Roku Premiere. 

I was using Roku Express and had a problem with Pluto TV  "On Demand". 

I upgraded to Roku Premiere . It fixed my Pluto TV problem, but 

now I have the exact same issue as you describe with Hulu.  

The screen turns black and the closed captions merrily continue with the

show  with no picture or sound.  Then, I back out and continue the show and it 

works for a while.   I have slower 2-5 MB/sec DSL connection. 

So upgrading is not a cure all.  


I see a similar thread  "Hulu - Pre-roll ads crashing Roku"  dating back to December , 2019  

which could be the same problem.

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