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How to play roku audio on yamaha rx v2500

Dear Roku Users,


I have a Roku 4620X and recently bought a Yamaha RX V-2500 AVR. How do I get audio from the Roku to the AVR? The AVR does not have any HDMI ports.

I've connected the Roku to the TV (Pioneer 1540) and then using the digital optical out I am connecting to the "Cable/Sat" optical input on the AVR. I see video but no sound. Are there some setting I need to set on Roku to make this work? I have on air TV which is using the same digital optical connection and that audio works well so it is not a cable or connection issue. I'm guessing its some settings issue. If any has had any experience connecting their Roku to an AVR without HDMI and what sort of setting were used to make it work? 

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