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How to output 240p resolution over RCA connection on Roku Express + (3910RW)

I recently purchased a 6th generation Roku Express + (3910RW) for the purpose of using it on an old CRT television that only supports 240p/480i resolutions.  I had read that the 3910RW has an RCA composite connection and can output at these resolutions.  

Upon setting up the Roku Express +, my only resolution options were 720p, 1080p, and autodetect.  Obviously none of these resolutions will output properly on the CRT over composite.  I had to hook it up via HDMI to an HD television to actually see anything and navigate the menus.  The resolution options don't provide lower resolution options than 720p.  Am I missing something, or has SD support been removed from this device?  It seems to have made the RCA composite connection useless.240p, RCA, Resolution, CRT

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Re: How to output 240p resolution over RCA connection on Roku Express + (3910RW)

There have been similar posts in the past.  Usually the complaint is that the display appears zoomed in with only a portion of the display fitting on the screen, as though a 720 image is being sent to a 480 screen.

Both this original Roku product announcement (accessed via the Way Back Machine) for the 3910 and this Wikipedia chart indicate it supports 480i (no mention of 240p).

I wonder if a subsequent Roku software update intentionally or inadvertently dropped 480i support.

Another possibility, I suppose, is that your 3910RW (the RW indicates a version sold by WalMart) may have been a stripped down model specified by WalMart to cut a few dollars from the price.  I've been unable to find any information on the web re specs for the RW model. 

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