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How to fix Pink Screen on Roku Premiere?

Have Roku Premiere, all of a sudden one day I turned on tv and pink screen.  I purchased Roku Ultra, same thing.  Tried new HDMI cable same thing.  I haven't changed a thing on my tv or Roku.  Have had Roku for 2 years.  This only happens when I turn on ROKU.  I have 2004 Sharp Aquos with 1 HDMI port, the tv works wonderful.  I don't want to have to plug and unplug my Roku every time I want to watch tv.  Anything else I could try? After I unplug and plug back in it works just fine.  Any Help? or suggestions?  (ps can't afford new tv yet-and this one works great like new). If no other suggestions, does anyone know if pugging and unplugging it everyday will it hurt my tv or the Roku??  Thank you.

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Re: How to fix Pink Screen on Roku Premiere?

Ever find a solution for this? Mine doing same thing.

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