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How to connect Roku, Set Top Box and PC to the same monitor?


I was using a pc monitor, without the pc as a tv. I had my monitor connected to both a set top box with indoor antenna for local tv channels and my Roku Express for streaming movies and Hulu. However, the volume with the Roku Express was always too low and leveling did not help much, if at all.

I removed the Roku device and connected my pc to my monitor and now stream using my pc with better volume control and also have internet access when I need it simply by turning off the set top box, which is still connected to my monitor.

When I had the Roku Express connected, the home page had all of my channels on one page, which is very convenient. Using my pc, I have to go to each individual channel's website to stream, depending on what channel I want to watch.

The Roku Channel Store shows what channels I have installed, but if I click any of them, it just takes me to the information page.

Is my Roku home page (when I was using the Roku device) available somewhere on the Roku site or, is there some way to create it on the Roku Site through my account?

Thank you.

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Re: How to connect Roku, Set Top Box and PC to the same monitor?

Can you see your home page on a computer? Yes, using the Windows Roku app. Can you watch your Roku channels on your PC? No, you cannot. The Windows app allows you to control your Roku, but the Roku will display on the monitor it's connected to. And it's unlikely you can see both your computer screen and the Roku screen on the display at the same time. If I understand what you are hoping for, I don't know if anything that would allow it, either with a Roku or some other type of streaming device. 
Note that the channel named "The Roku Channel" does have a way to watch it on a computer. But it doesn't require the Roku to do that. But that's the only exception. 
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