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Hisense roku tv split screen

Tv will start in split screen its been doing it for awhile now and at first we would power cycle it and I would come out of it. Now it won't come out of it. We tried resetting to factory and it didn't help.

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Re: Hisense roku tv split screen

Normally is seen with multiple color vertical bars or a 1/2 black screen or the stray thick dark line or flickering.

If you apply some pressure (using your fingers) to the different areas along the top of your tv, can you get the picture back.  There are some ribbon cables along the top bezel that become loose over time (heat kind of loosens the glue or tape originally used by manufacturer.).

They run from the top normally down the back to a video board.  By lightly squeezing or pressing the top frame (along the front, top, and back) or lightly tapping, you can normally get it to flicker or get the picture back (albeit temporarily till it comes back...may be hrs, may be weeks).  It is basically a loose connection.  Hitting it harder is not going to fix it.  

Pretty easy to fix by yourself if you can take out some screws and tape down the offending cable with some electrical tape. Every vibration can jostle it loose again if not addressed.  It is just losing a portion of the video signal.  If not comfortable doing this, then most likely a new tv would be cheaper than a repair, unless you find a honest repairman.  Now sometimes the above is a video board problem, but is almost always these ribbons.

If this is indeed your problem, not unique to Hisense.  Common problem.

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