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Hisense 58R6+ Roku TV will not recognize Playstation 4 after latest update 2 weeks ago...

Hey all, ever since the last Roku update about 2 weeks ago, my Hisense 58R6+ will no longer recognize my Playstation 4. The screen says searching for signal, then no signal (is it on?). It is on, and I have tried both 1.4/2.0/auto for HDMI mode, still nothing. the PS4 works perfectly on 2 other TVs, and a computer monitor. I tried every HDMI input, nothing. But my Xfinity cable box, PS3, Xbox 360 and GameCube all work in any input. I got no where for 2 weeks between Hisense and Roku, each placed blame on the other, I'm really hoping to get some help on here. I love the TV but not being able to use my PS4 is annoying to say the least. I read on other forums that an update rollback was possible, and that seemed to help others out, but now I was told that that is not possible. Any help at this point is much appreciated. Thank you.

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