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High pitched sound

I bought my parents a new Roku Stick + for their 4K TV in the bedroom. Since they have had it, 3 times now it has turned on with just a high pitched noise, the only way to make it stop is turning the TV off and back on again. Has anyone else had this issue and were they able to make it go away permanently?
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Re: High pitched sound

I don't recall seeing an issue like this before.

Couple things to try:

  • Try setting it up on a different TV (what are the results?);

  • Do a factory reset from a different TV, and then transfer the stick to the 4k TV (what are the results?);

Other members of the community may have some other ideas, and will post to the thread.

Additional needed information: Make/Model# of 4k TV; Serial number and firmware version/build# of Roku (Settings > System > About)
C. Shawn Smith
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Level 7

Re: High pitched sound

Thank you, will see about trying those ideas but may just trying switching to normal power first then see if it happens as they have no other ways to watch TV in the bedroom anymore since I had them return the cable box that was in there. It used to have a cable box and an older Roku 2 hooked up with no issues like this, still looking at the possibility of some kind of TV issue as well but really appreciate your input. If I need more help I will be sure to get the info you requested Smiley Happy
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