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High-Pitched Noise from my Reciever

Hi All,

I purchased a Roku Ultra roughly a year ago for use with my home theater.  I would on rare occasions experience a high-pitched "chirp" every now and then through my home theater speakers, and occasionally even a continuous tone that could only be stopped by cycling the power on my receiver.  As of 2-3 weeks ago, I get this noise almost continuously when using the Roku.

I experience this noise only with the Roku, and only when its sound is being played through my receiver (Denon AVR-3500H).  When the receiver is off, the receiver passes audio through to the TV and it plays normally.  I grabbed a Roku Stick from another room that has had no audio issues and plugged it into the receiver, and get the same issue.  I also tried using different HDMI ports, plugging my Blu-Ray player in via the same cable and port, and playing TV audio back through the receiver, and again only the Rokus have this noise issue.  I did a factory reset on my receiver, and even with the out-of-the-box settings I am still getting this incessant high-pitched, high-volume tone.  I confirmed both Rokus and my reciever have the latest firmware, and I tried swapping cables around between working and non-working devices.  I only get this issue when a Roku (either Roku) has its audio being played back by my Denon receiver.


Thoughts, suggestions?  I saw a few other posts here with similar issues, but none that pointed to a resolution.

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Re: High-Pitched Noise from my Reciever

Did you find a resolution for this problem? I am experiencing the same issue. Once every few days the stereo will make a very loud chirping noise, almost like metal or glass cracking. This seems to only happen when streaming through the Roku.

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