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Hi , VGA to HDMI ?

Hi . I have a HP Elitebook 8440p and it only has a VGA port , i bought the cord that goes from VGA to HDMI . I keep getting the " no signal ( is it on ) " message on my brand new awesome Roku , model number is 325301 . I am trying to project whats on my laptop to the tv , please help anyone . I am almost 99 % sure i got the laptop setting in order ,but just  in case could you tell me those also. Thanks for your time folks 
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Re: Hi , VGA to HDMI ?

VGA->HDMI is pretty device specific, I've had some work some not.  Your laptop external display should be set to 1366x768 OR 1280x720 for the display to show.  Should also note, you won't be getting audio via the connection.

EDIT:  According to the laptop specs, you should have a Display Port connector.  Do yourself a favor and get a Display Port->HDMI cable, it will save you a lot of headache.
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Re: Hi , VGA to HDMI ?

That's just about the smartest thing iv'e ever heard . Thanks a million TwiceOver /  phpbb / Slickthemes / and of course Roku TCL  .... PS tyvm twiceover will do !
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