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Hey ROKU.. when are you fixing the HDCP issue...?

It's over the top to think all of the (fresh) HDCP issues are related to hard parts (cables, etc..) 

No major problem (i have not been able to fix) until the last software update.

Hey ROKU.. step-up to the issue and GET R' fixed OR you WILL force me and more than a number of other long term customers to go down the road.  pc


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Level 8

rebooting does noting.. dead w/no audio or video... ref. Ultra 4660X2



NADA.. rebooting, powering down/up, all attempts resulted with no response!

When is it time to give up and get a fresh (new) device..? 


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Level 8

Re: Hey ROKU.. when are you fixing the HDCP issue...?

Firstly, since the beginning I had HDCP issues. Solved that by setting the advanced video output to 4:2:2 from the default 4:2:0. No more HDCP errors for about a year now. But lately the software updates have caused issues with the on screen connecting in 4k. All other 4k sources context perfectly. But, the Roku May or may not make the handshake when I switch the it’s I out. I have to cycle the output with a 1080p, then switch back to the Roku. Then it’s fine u til the next time I try to use the Roku after watching another source. Yep, mine goes through an anthem avr. It does no video processing at all and is a pure pass through. Like I said, all other 4k sources sync right up when I select them. It’s just the Roku. It’s like the handshake isn’t polling for a signal. Weird to me.
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