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Have had it with Streaming & ROKU

I finally sent this to CONSUMER AFFAIRS. Knew it was too good to be true. I was excited to cut cord and via ROKU stream HULU. What a disaster!. On Live TV nothing but constant buffering, pausing, unsynced video & audio, and I don't mean by a millisecond. Decided to try YoutubeTV instead but the results are the same but with even worse frequency. Increased speed to 500/500 no improvement. Tried to set ROKU/TVs to 5.0 GHz but no way to do that on their boxes or website. Have had Frontier out several times. At this point, I don't think they're the issue. Have ordered an Amazon TV Stick 4K. If this doesn't work then as much as I hate to it's back to CATV. Between this horrible streaming technology, horrible streaming experiences and now that the current cost of internet connection+Streaming services is = to current CATV cost why not? Plus with CATV there are all of the Streaming choices + more. Now, I'm not a Millennial but apparently they're now driving the bus. All I can say is in they're obsession with instant gratification and to be total tech geeks they sure have messed up what was once a simple turn on the tube, select your channel, and enjoy. What will they mess up next ????

this is in addition to the above. Called ROKU on a simple question, how do I rename my boxes and change their location. After a short wait I obvious got a rep in a foreign country, okay no problem, but for such a simple question he had to put me on hold to go research??? This is Tech adviser ??? After several minutes I just hung up and eventually figure it out. But now, who cares as I will be trading out for Amazon Sticks or back to CATV.  VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH ROKU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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