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Has anyone tried the EZCOO spliter to get Atmos to work?

I've noticed a LOT of people are having problems with Atmos not working any more. I'm not sure if this is something that is completely gone for everyone, or only certain set-ups.

I have a Roku Streaming Stick+, which I bought AFTER I asked Roku if it supports Atmos. I already had the Premier+, so I really didn't need to buy another one, but I wanted to get Atmos to work. I am pretty sure that the Streaming Stick+ did have Atmos working at some point or I would have been losing it on Roku long ago after buying the streaming stick+. But I know it isn't any more on any app/channel. I use Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Plex. I have the Roku plugged directly into a Yamaha RX-A3050, with a 7.1.4 speaker setup, so I definitely want to get Atmos working. I noticed another post that someone said they got the EZCOO splitter, hooked up the Roku to that, and that to their receiver and got Atmos to work. I also Googled Amazon Firestick and Atmos to see if I could take a hammer to the Roku and buy a Firestick instead. It seemed some people with the Firestick had the same problem, but then I found another post about the EZCOO splitter fixing the problem. I'm not sure if the post is legit, or if it's the same guy, or someone just trying to push the splitter. I'm hoping someone might have given it a try and see if it works. As much as I am really hating my Roku, and their absolutely horrible customer support, I'd still rather spend $35CAN for the splitter than $200CAN for an NVidia Shield TV.
link for the splitter if anyone can tell me if it works.

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Level 8

Re: Has anyone tried the EZCOO spliter to get Atmos to work?

I have that exact splitter which I do use, and it did nothing for me as far as getting the Roku Streaming Stick+ to work with Dolby Atmos on Disney Plus.  I've gone through two Roku products so far to no avail (also tried the Premiere).

Please let me know if you find a method for Atmos to work on Roku.  I actually got the Roku for a product review in hopes that it was a viable method of getting Disney Plus to work with Dolby Atmos - and it definitely is not.

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