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HDR is washed out on TCL55S401

All my HDR content color appears flat and lifeless. My standard PS4 looks amazing in LDR, but as soon as I enable HDR in Monster Hunter, Destiny 2 or any of my other games that support HDR, all the colors wash right out.

Herer is what I have tried to remedy the issue:
• Cycle the power on both the TV and PS4
• Check for updates to the firmware on both the TV and PS4
• Calibrated the TV via some recommendations I found on (I have since reset those values to get back to factory settings.)
• I have set my RGB output on my PS4 to RGB Limited

The HDR output remains decidedly bland; a bowl of plain oatmeal for the eyes. Whether via the PS4, or via built-in streaming channels, the HDR is not working as expected.

In searching through various forums I have read this may be due a tone-mapping issue, perhaps related to Roku’s implementation of HDR10. I’m not sure, since I am still pretty new to HDR. Is this something that can be fixed in a firmware update, or am I stuck without HDR for the life of the TV?

TV: TCL 55S401
Roku TV: 7111X
Serial no.: YN00L7768756
Software Version: 8.0.0 • build 4183-30
PS4: Standard PS4 connected via Premium HDMI to HDMI1
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Re: HDR is washed out on TCL55S401

"Eddy_1203" wrote:
Coincidentally I had also faced same issue 3 month ago and i called on same number <redacted by moderator> and to my surprise they fix this issue for me permanently.

Fake number.  Do not call that.  Scammers.
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Re: HDR is washed out on TCL55S401

Yup. I just looked it up. Thanks for the heads-up, though.
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