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Re: HDR Not working

"rey_1178" wrote:
"redtommy76" wrote:
I've been waiting for about 4 months now on a fix for the HDR issue with my ultra.

The 9.1 update has fixed my HDR issues - Support had previously allowed my device to revert to 8.1 to restore HDR functionality with 4k 60hz.

Yep! Same here.

Happy times!!  Glad to hear it
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Re: HDR Not working

   Wow. Unbelievable I am  back here again with similar issues. After the last update I am having an issue where either in vudu or Netflix I don't always get HDR going. Or at times especially in VUDU, HDR is working then I hit the 15 second rewind and lose HDR. If I hit the rewind button a couple of more times it usually comes back. 



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Community Manager

Re: HDR Not working

@rey_1178  Try enabling streaming stats in Netflix (press the * key once when you are in the channel's content page—you won't see any message or indication that it has been enabled) then play content, and watch the streaming stats when this issue occurs. These will appear in the upper lefthand corner of the screen, and will display both your current connection speed, and the quality of content that is playing. 4K HDR content is usually 3840 x 2160 pixels.

If your connection speed drops below Netflix's requirement to deliver 4K HDR content, this content quality becomes unavailable. This can either be caused by your home network connection, the bandwidth being provided by your ISP, or by the connection to the channel provider's content servers. If there is an issue in any of these segments of your connection, this may cause the behavior you see. Netflix uses adaptive streaming technology that will adjust the video stream being sent to your device based on the current speed of your connection from end to end. 

Keep us posted from there. 




Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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