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HDR/4K Issue on TCL 55p605

I just picked up a TCL 55p605 this weekend, and I'm having a really strange issue. The TV is great and looks fantastic, but from within the Roku TV OS any time we play an Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, or other HDR/4k content (from Netflix, Amazon, where ever), the TV plays the video fine for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, then glitches out and starts displaying what I can only describe as black and white artifacting around the image.

Here's a gif of what it looks like

This doesn't happen until about 30-60 seconds into the stream. All of the menus, interface, display menu, etc, appear completely fine. And again, it only happens on UHD/Dolby Vision/HDR content.

To be clear, this doesn't happen with any other connected HDMI device. I've used my PS4 with HDR enabled and it works like a charm, and I've also watched Netflix UHD/Dolby Vision/HDR content with my Chromecast Ultra with no issue. This seems to be exclusively a problem with the Roku TV OS catching some issue when trying to use either HDR or 4k.
FWIW, when the issue happens, I don't see any of the picture settings that usually appear when HDR is enabled, nor do I see the "HDR" image flash that indicates that we're watching an HDR stream. It's almost like it fails when trying to "switch" to HDR mode.

Any ideas what might be happening? It'd be a shame to have to use an external device to watch HDR/UHD stuff. I've done a factory reset several times, tried to update the software (I'm on 8.0.0 build 4156-30), but to no avail. Thanks in advance for anyone who might be able to lend a hand!
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Re: HDR/4K Issue on TCL 55p605

That is strange in the image.  I also have a TCL 55P605 at the same build and have never had any such problems in its display of 4k, HDR, or Dolby Vision content with any of its internal apps.  Are you connected Ethernet or wireless?  What happens when you display content that is just 4k (not explicitly HDR or Dolby Vision)?  Since you say the content displays correctly for 30- 60 seconds, what happens when you press the options key then, when playing HDR or Dolby Vision content- in TV Brightness or Advanced Picture do you see HDR Light, DV Light, HDR Dark, etc. then, or something else like the Normal, Bright, Dark, Low Power that are displayed with lower resolution content?

The HDR or DV display in the upper right corner happens within a few seconds of starting HDR or DV content playback using the internal apps, so the switchover occurs almost immediately as the norm.

If all reset attempts fail to resolve this, perhaps an exchange is in order since you have just acquired the set.  It's definitely not normal.
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