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HDMI to Component Converter Poor Color

The only way i can get my foku to work is by connecting it to a input source. Input only provides 480 resolution on my tv. When i try to connect a component source there is a blue screen saying no signal. Component carries a blue red and green cables which would project a better picture than the single yellow vidoe cable for input connections. My tv is an older rear projection and does not have hdmi ports. The picture quality is ok but the color is very poor. Any suggestions as to why it wont work with the converter on a component connection at the back of the tv?

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Re: Poor Color

Do you know the old projector's component inputs work correctly? Do you have other sources with component outputs that work correctly with the projector? Do you know that the converter you are using works correctly?
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Re: HDMI to Component Converter Poor Color

I have exactly same issue. My projector is capable of 1080i but the colors are nott good. Picture quality is good. I have bought a new HDMI to Component converter. Could someone help please? Thanks - Kaushal

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