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HDMI issue with Samsung TV / HDMI switch

I recently switched up my TV setup and have got a new problem that I've tried everything to fix. Looking for new ideas as it's driving me crazy.

Current setup:

HDMI 1 on my Samsung 4K TV -> TiVo Mini directly into TV
HDMI 2 -> HDMI switcher connected to Samsung 4K Blu-ray player, Nintendo Switch, Roku Premiere 4K

I've been using the switcher for years and confirmed it supports 4K. The Blu-ray player and Roku will properly display HDR content. Since the Roku never shuts down, when the Nintendo and Blu-ray are off, the switcher defaults to Roku.

Every single time, when I turn my TV on, no matter what input it's left on (usually on the TiVo), it has lost HDMI signal. The Roku input will display "no source found" and the TiVo input will be "flashing" (video and audio cutting in and out every few seconds).

The only fix is to either turn on the Nintendo or the Blu-ray player or to unplug the Roku. Once I do that, the TiVo (which is on another input, remember) will INSTANTLY stop flashing and continue to work properly. If I turn on the Nintendo or Blu-ray, the Roku also begins to work again.

Switching inputs doesn't work, waking the Roku doesn't work, changing channels on the TiVo doesn't work, unplugging the TiVo (it will continue to "flash" during and after reboot) or TV doesn't work. The ONLY thing that works is to turn on the Blu-ray or Nintendo or unplug the Roku.

Note: when I turn on the Blu-ray or Nintendo the HDMI switcher automatically changes to that input.

If I leave the Roku unplugged, everything works fine - but that's obviously not a great solution.

I've tried changing every setting I can think of on every device.

It is very confusing that the TiVo is "flashing" when it's directly connected to an input and the OTHER input is failing.

Any ideas?
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